Water, your greatest source of well-being

We all know that, ideally, an adult should drink 1.5 liters of water a day. Ideally.  Because between a prolonged phone call, the hypnotic charm of the computer screen and the intensity of a current project, we quickly forget to hydrate.  
And to drink, you must first have something to drink. Providing easy access to hot and cold beverages is an effective way of ensuring proper hydration in the workplace. A wise idea when you know that it's synonymous with better performance, but also an important gesture for welcoming and convivial spaces.

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In the short term:
greater efficiency

Drinking water throughout the day helps avoid the risk of dehydration, and the associated inconveniences of fatigue, mental confusion and so on. The presence of water fountains is therefore a significant factor in improving employee concentration, energy and productivity.

In the long term:

better health 

The use of cold or hot water for tea, coffee and soup reduces the consumption of sugary drinks and high-calorie foods. By promoting a healthier diet and thus better health, it helps reduce absenteeism, break times and health-related costs.


a great place to work

More and more companies are realizing the benefits of true hospitality at work: a workplace that stands out, that's a pleasure to join, and where people want to stay. Business-friendly spaces don't just provide the strictly necessary equipment: by offering hot or cold water, you also ensure that occupants feel perfectly at home.